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I am sure you've heard of the term 'paying yourself first' many times but, some of you shake your head saying to yourself that you don't have anything to save. You are feeling like your paycheck is gone before you even see it. According to an article at CNN entitled; Half of Americans are Saving Next to Nothing, 1 in 5 people aren't saving at all. Roughly, half of Americans are saving 5% or less of their incomes. According to a survey at, we must save at least 15%. Something has to give and time to get started people!

Ok, some of you may not be at that level to where you can save a bundle, but we must build a habit of saving something. I know for me, I had to start some where and glad I did. It was a challenge at first because coming from a background of poor money mindset, I saw this as a bit much. Let me show you how I did it and you could learn some of my tips.

First of all, get a credit union account set up. Credit unions used to only allow persons of certain companies to join; but now as long as you are a resident of the community, attend church or school in that area, you can open one. Go here for more information 10 Best Credit Unions Anyone Can Join

Second, start small, like $1-$5; no, this is not too small. It is not a waste of time going to the bank or having it direct deposited to your savings account. Your ego may say to start big, but your mindset has not arrived there yet. Take one bite at a time, start small and give yourself about a few months before you increase your savings. 

Third, start a change account which means to use a jar and put all of your change in. It does not matter if it is a penny or a few; its a start. once your jar is full, take it to your bank and deposit it (be sure to use paper rolls and put the change in their proper denominations!)

Lastly, read the previous post here Always Be Prepared, to learn about another 'Jars System', discussed in "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker. I purchased six plastic containers to start my system and I love it!

I trust these tips will help; if you have some to share, please comment below. The key to it all is to build a positive habit of saving and it will become second nature. Until next time...

Save Money~Make Money!


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